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New Labels

We can now, finally, reveal what we have been teasing you all about for the last month.

As some of you may have seen from our Social Media accounts, we have announced new labels for our core range. We are delighted with how they have turned out and we hope you like them too.

I know we teased you all with the #change (and some of you were genuinely worried about what that could mean) but please be assured the whisky inside remains the same Springbank you know and love.

We thought we would make a big deal out of this because we don't change our label design often, in fact this is the first time that we have changed the Springbank 10yo or 15yo labels in 10 years.

Also, we must say a big "well done" to everyone who correctly guessed that we were changing our labels, you lot make great detectives.

Happy new year everyone.

New year, new labels!