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Whisky School: Week 4

This week’s group comprised three students from the UK, Nahuel Leyro Diaz, Geoff Adams and Dare Hinchliffe who were joined by Dirk Haid from Germany, Alfred de Ruyter from Belgium and Hans Ekstrand and Tomas Fyhr from Sweden; so a varied group indeed.

This week the Scottish weather was not too kind to our students but they seemed to have survived despite that.

So far this year all of our visitors have been very hard working, happy to do whatever has been asked of them and this group was no different. They have been happy to gain some knowledge from our experienced team and keen to get into the thick of things which is exactly the attitude needed to get the most out of this experience.

With the exams all passed and presentations made, the pupil of the week was announced as Hans Ekstrand, so well done to Hans.

Now that they are set to leave us the sun has decided to make an appearance but probably not for long.  We hope that this week’s group also leave with happy memories of their time at Springbank and we will be absolutely delighted if they decide to make the journey to see us again.


Thank you to Janet Blair for her help in writing this post.