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Whisky School: Week 5

Springbank Whisky School 2017: Week 5.


More than half way through now, week 5 and things are going very well.

This week our students were Paul Robben from Saudi Arabia, Benoit Bailey from Canada, Doga Can Bayram from Turkey, Jakub Weberschinke from the Czech Republic and Laura Nolan and Sean Rees from Ireland.

Gavin has confirmed that the entire group worked very hard during their time here. They all seemed to get along well with each other and with members of staff. A good week for all culminating in the dreaded exam on Friday followed by a buffet lunch (thanks to Donald Brown who has been feeding the Whisky School pupils) and presentation.

It was difficult to choose a student of the week as they were all so good, but finally Gavin awarded the honour jointly to Paul and Laura which is the first time in a while in which the awared has been shared but it was definitely equally well deserved.

And so another week comes to an end, time to relax, and look forward to a new group of students, who we hope will become firm friends of Springbank. Thanks for coming guys, we hope you enjoyed and we are sure we will see you back here one day.


Thanks to Janet Blair for her help in writing this report.