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Whisky School: Week 6




The weeks are really flying past for us at the Springbank whisky school. Week 6 already, not many more to go.

This week was a bit of a family affair with John McKay senior, John McKay Junior and daughter Megan McKay, all from the USA. We also welcomed Brijinder Grewal and Bertrand Metton from the states too and they were joined by Berthold Brehm and Holger Bleckert from Germany.

Everyone worked well together, doing whatever was asked of them, and a lot was indeed asked of them, and generally getting to know the staff. Bertrand also managed to fit in a few games of golf while he was here; it’s always good to see pupils take advantage of other activities the area offers.

Of course, a good time was had by all as usual but when exam day dawned our students all trooped down to the exam room for the dreaded “test”. Everyone passed with flying colours and were presented with their certificates to prove it. Maybe we should make the test harder…

As you can see from the photograph kilts were the order of the day. Unfortunately Bertrand had to leave early so is not in the photograph with the rest of the students.

Lunch followed with the announcement of the “pupil of the week” who on this occasion was John McKay senior. Well done John, Dad showing the kids how it’s done!

Thank you to everyone who who came to see us, you are all welcome back any time.




Thank you to Janet Blair for her help in preparing this report.