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Whisky School: Week 7


Not many more weeks to go! Can you believe we are so close to being finished for another year? How has it passed so quickly.

This week we welcomed Andre Keller and Sebastian Wollmann from Switzerland, Mike Henderson and Kari Korenchen from the USA, Manoj Mathew from U.A.E. and Jan de Jong from the Netherlands - a far travelled crew indeed. It’s always good when we get a wide variety of people. 

And what a team they were this week! We worked them really hard this week, it definitely wasn’t a holiday for the students. They were out there rolling casks in the pouring rain with the water dripping off them and not a complaint from anyone. Unfortunately we can’t order good weather for the whisky school, if only we could (we would have it all year round). But this is Scotland so we have a wee bit of rain from time to time.


Come the end of the week our merry group headed for the tasting room and their exam, which all passed with flying colours, of course.  A buffet lunch followed the exam, then the presentation and announcement of the student of the week. The teachers and production staff deliberated for a long time, finding this the most difficult week so far to name one specific pupil. At last it was Gavin who made the decision and he awarded student of the week to - ALL OF THEM!!! A delighted crew were then allowed to fill a wee bottled each from the Cadenhead Whisky Shop casks.   

They all deserved it for their efforts in challenging conditions.


This year our students have all surpassed themselves, all have been very keen to get into the “spirit” of things, making new friends of their fellow students and the Springbank staff.  We have lots of new “children” in our Springbank family now.

We look forward to meeting them all again at some point in the future.



The report card for week 8 will be up next week.




Thank you to Janet Blair for her help in writing this report.