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Whisky School Week 8
















Here we are at the end of the road and we are all still smiling.

Attending this, the last week of the regular whisky school, were Burkhard Kuhr, Tobias Schlimbach, Diedrich Frielinghaus and Dirk Lunken from Germany, Randy Foran, who is Canadian but lives in Switzerland and Rachel Hughes from Strathaven in Scotland. Also joining us this week was Jenna McIntosh, one of the Cadenhead Sales Team (anything to get out the office).


We had a very busy week this week with the usual malting, distilling, filling, bottling, rain, sunshine, wind etc. Then a huge lorry appeared bearing gifts of empty casks! So on to unloading, rolling, stacking, rain, sunshine etc.  A very hardworking team this week who were still smiling by Wednesday afternoon stating they were having “great fun”.

A little bird has also reported that they were visiting the local fish and chip shop in the evenings demanding pizza crunch (pizza coated in batter and deep fried) followed by deep fried mars bars, as well as sampling the delights of the local bars. It’s always pleasing to see foreigners sample the best that Scottish cuisine has to offer.

Despite their antics they all turned up on Friday morning, ready for their exams. All past with flying colours of course and were duly presented with their certificates. Pupil of the week was, a very deserving Tobias Schlimbach. Well done to all.



During the past eight weeks many friendships have been forged between both the whisky school students and the Springbank Staff. We look forward to seeing them again in the coming years.   We have already welcomed back two students from the earlier weeks who brought their husbands to see where they had spent their week learning about whisky. We saw lots of familiar faces at the whisky festival and hope that this will continue at the whisky school as well for years to come.

Next week the Whisky School is dedicated to our importers and staff - we encourage our staff to participate in the whisky school where possible so that they widen their knowledge of the whisky production side of our business.

We hope our whisky school continues to be as popular for many years to come.

Until next year, from everyone here at Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown…








Once again, thanks to Janet for her help in preparing this report.