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Whisky School 2018: Week 2



Week 2 of the 2018 Springbank Whisky school was here before we knew it and, as usual, we were joined by a range of of students from a variety of nations.


The pupils who worked at Springbank distillery for the week were Adrian Leuthy from Switzerland, Sarah Tan and Benjamin Twoon from Singapore, who came here while in Scotland on their honeymoon, Eric and Luke Young from the USA and Markus Bauer from Germany.


After a week of hard work and dedication (as we always point out, this isn’t a holiday) we broke from tradition and selected two students as Pupil(s) of the week; Eric Young was rewarded for his prowess with a shovel in the malt barns and Ben Twoon earned himself the POTW title through sheer enthusiasm, which he maintained at all times. Well done to them both!


Thanks for coming, guys. You are welcome back anytime - you will always remain part of the growing Springbank family.