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Whisky School 2018: Week 4



Week 4 of the 2018 Springbank Whisky School introduced us to another wonderful group of scholars. This week we had Justin Weiner, Candice Burrier and Kathryn Aagesen from USA, Klemens Veerkamp from Germany, Neil Buchanan from the UK and Gilles Victors from France. It should be said that the production staff particularly loved having this group around for the week, complimenting their enthusiasm and effort.

The Scholar of the Week award went to Gilles Victors - well done to him. Once again we would like to thank all pupils for spending the week with us and we hope you have taken a lot from the experience. You are, like all former whisky school pupils, welcome back any time.

Before we finish, we have a bonus story to tell you (we have removed the name of the person involved but those who were here know who we are talking about):  One of the students was going back to the hotel in the afternoon when they decided they were too tired to walk the whole way back without a rest. At this point we must stress there was no alchohol involved in this story. The student came upon a nice piece of grass next to the Argyll Bowling club here in Campbeltown and thought they would lie down for a wee while. However, they fell asleep and woke up to the ambulance crew standing over them wondering if they were all right.  Someone passing saw the student lying there and thought they were ill so called the ambulance to be on the safe side.

After the ambulance crew left,  the student went back to sleep(!) and a short time later they were "interrupted" a second time by two policemen, who came from the Campbeltown Police Station on the opposite side of the street (they could probably see someone lying on the grass out of their window). They were also very helpful and understanding and left our Springbank Whisky School student lying there on the grass for the rest of the lunch hour.

That incident will go down in Whisky School history.