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Whisky School 2018: Week 5


It was (mostly) glorious sunshine that shone down upon the students in Week 5 of the 2018 Springbank Whisky School and they certainly felt the heat as they tackled the hard work throughout their time here.

The majority of the Week 5 scholars were joining us from North America as Jessica Spector, David Long, Henry Boyd and Jeremy Tejada came from USA and Richard Hagen from north of the border in Canada. Rounding out the group was the lone European, Bertram Kieln from Austria.

We continue to be blessed by great groups of people who are always enthusiastic and keen to get involved in any way they can. Our Week 5 group were upbeat and energetic and this personified best by our scholar of the week, Henry.

Well done to Henry and all our pupils for this week. Once again we are delighted to send another group of mini Springbank ambassadors out into the world.