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It is the week of the Campbeltown Malts Festival and we are looking forward to meeting all of our guests and visitors over the next few days (some of you are already here!).


If you are travelling to Campbeltown by road, please be aware of the roadworks that are currently taking place along the way. According to the Traffic Scotland website there are 3 sets of works that may, depending on your journey time and route, may cause difficulty. Although Traffic Scotland are saying that none of these incidents are resulting in any delay, we nevertheless would advise travellers to factor their existence into their travel plans.


As per Traffic Scotland the details of the roadworks are as follows:


1) A83 (B8024 Glenralloch Jct to 30mph Tarbert (N)), Southbound - Southbound - A83 Tarbert

Ending: 6pm on 21/5/18


2)  A83 (C62 Colchester Sq. to Corran Rbt) to A83 (30mph Lochgilphead Sth to C62 Colchester Sq.), Eastbound - A83 Lochgilphead

Starting: 6pm on 21/5/18

Ending: 6am 22/5/18

3) A83 (Clachan South Junc to Balochroy Bridge), Southbound + Northbound - A83 South of Clachan

Ending: 7am on 1/6/18



Hopefully this information will be of help to those coming to visit.


See you soon.