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Whisky School 2018: Week 8

The rare bout of sunshine from week 7 continued, remarkably, into week 8 as we welcomed the next group of students to Campbeltown.

We had Thomas Calo from USA, Martin Ahlquist from Sweden, Ardian Chung from Hong Kong, Benjamin Loo from Singapore and Jan and Ingeborg Seglem from Norway.

The staff commented that they were a great group of students, once again.  We really have been fortunate throughout the 2018 Whisky School to have so many pupils that approached their week with us with enthusiasm, eagerness and excellent work ethic.

Also, we have learned that their is now a Facebook page dedicated to The Springbank Whisky school and our pupils - Whisky School Facebook

Student of the week was Jan Seglem who was awarded the bottle from the living cask.

Lastly, as a thank you to the staff and as a present to themselves when the group make their planned return to the distillery in the years to come, the pupils left us a plant which is going in the garden at the Distillery.