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Whisky School 2018 Week 9

An All-American group joined us for week 9 of the Springbank Whisky School. Darren Smallwood, Scott Murphy, Steve Maggio and Jeff Shimcarick took part in the week, completing tasks throughout the distillery and contributing to making Springbank Whisky.

All 4 men came to us from Florida and work for our wholesaler there, Opici.

As part of the week long school, students are challenged to join in every aspect of whisky production here in Campbeltown giving them a wide knowledge of what we do. They are encouraged to get involved as much as possible and the staff are always happy to help and answer questions. At the end of the week pupils are faced with the “exam” and everyone that passes is presented with a certificate and special bottle of whisky - don’t worry, we have extremely high pass rates (suspiciously high, it could be argued).

Scholar of the week was Jeff Shimcarick, chosen, as all of this year’s SOTWs have been, by Gavin MacLachlan.