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Whisky School 2019: Week 2

Week 2 pupils with Gavin Mclachlan and Findlay Ross


The 2019 term of the Springbank Whisky School is now in full swing and last week we were joined by the Week 2 pupils.


Andreas, Ardaches, Borut, Jarred, Liz and Margarett joined us from Switzerland, Australia, Slovenia, the UK and the USA to continue the Whisky School’s usual multinational flavour.


The pupils attacked their duties throughout the week with great enthusiasm and brought a wonderful energy to the distillery - whether that meant engaging in tiring work in the bottling hall, getting dirty in our traditional dunnage warehouses or helping out around the distillery with the various stages of production.


It was no surprise that they all sailed through the exam - we are suspicious that many members of our own permanent staff would not do so well if they were faced with the same test, though - and Liz was given the honour of being named Scholar of the Week by Gavin Mclachlan.