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Whisky School 2019: Week 4


Can you believe we’ve finished week 4? The 2019 term of the Springbank Whisky School is around the halfway point! (By the time you read this we'll be well into week 5).


Nevertheless, week 4 saw us welcome Alan, Alieksey, Beth, Craig, Peter and Stuart - this week contained the highest number of Scottish based students of any group this term, as well as others who had travelled from Brazil, USA and Belgium.


The students were put to work immediately in the malt barns and throughout the week they were working alongside the staff at the distillery (this includes production work, time spent out in the yard and at the bottling hall). As we always tell the students, this isn’t really a holiday!


They also got to enjoy Springbank and Cadenhead warehouse tastings - and took part in the blending session that forms a vital part of Springbank’s new Barley to Bottle Tour!


The students were presented with the blends they made themselves upon their final day with us and we want to extend our congratulations to Stuart who was named Scholar of the Week.


Well done to everyone who took part in the Whisky School this week - see you all again soon!