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Whisky School 2019: Week 5


Week 5!


Actual Whisky School Week 5 - it almost doesn’t seem real.


For The Springbank Whisky School 2019 Week 5 we welcomed Felipe, Jason, Kenn, Merete, Sami and Susanne from the UK, USA, Norway, Finland and Canada.


As we always tell the students, this isn’t really a holiday! The students worked diligently throughout the week alongside the staff at the distillery (this includes production work, time spent out in the yard and at the bottling hall and more). Our staff are always on hand to guide and educate students and look forward to a new group of pupils each week.


The students also got to enjoy Springbank and Cadenhead warehouse tastings (they are pictured below enjoying the Cadenhead variety - thanks to Cameron for that!) and took part in a session to create a blended malt that forms a vital part of Springbank’s new Barley to Bottle Tour!


The students were presented with the bottlings they made themselves upon their final day with us and we want to extend our congratulations to Merete who was named Scholar of the Week - and Merete was possibly the happiest ever pupil to receive that award!


At the presentation Gavin always mentions to students that they leave Campbeltown as “mini-ambassadors” for the company and that is certainly true.


Well done to everyone who took part in the Whisky School this week.