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Whisky School 2019: Week 6


Week 6 - the last week before the break for the Campbeltown Malts Festival.


For Week 6, we were joined by Liza, Mark, Simon, Terri, Wayne and Wilson from USA, Canada and the UK. An enthusiastic and dedicated group, it was great having this bunch with us here in Campbeltown for the week.


The group took part in a range of tastings and distillery activities, including working alongside the staff at the bottling hall and throughout the different areas of Springbank distillery.


We are delighted to say that all pupils passed their end-of-week exam (need to remember to check that exam paper, it has a suspiciously high pass rate) because it would end the week on a sour note if someone failed!


And congratulations to Wayne, who was named the Week 6 Scholar of the Week.


Well done to all the pupils from this week.

Now, we need to get on with this festival…