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Whisky School 2019: Week 8


Can you believe we have passed Week 8?

Time flies when you are having fun/working hard/shovelling malt/rolling casks…

Week 8 saw us welcome Clay, Louis, Markus, Stephan, Veith and Viviane from USA, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland.

This group were particularly hard-working and detail orientated as shown in the Blending Session (which forms part of the Springbank Barley to Bottle Tour) where the team spent a long time perfecting the whisky that they each got to take home with them.

Clay was named as Scholar of the Week for his efforts during his time here - this is given each week to the pupil that is judged to have given a little bit of extra effort during tasks such as the malting.

And lastly, since we nearing the end of the 2019 Springbank Whisky School - we want to thank the Dellwood Hotel for all the effort they continue to put in to house our students.