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Whisky School 2019: Week 9


Week 9 - the penultimate week of the 2019 Whisky School.

For week 9 we were joined in Campbeltown by Chris, John, Ken and Wen who all crossed the pond from the USA

The team worked hard (and played hard too!) throughout the week, taking part in the regular distillery duties alongside our staff; malting, distilling, yard work and spending time in the bottling hall.

They also enjoyed Springbank and Cadenhead warehouse tastings - which they seemed to prefer over shovelling malt. Can't imagine why.

They completed the blending session (led by Donald Brown, who also provides the students lunch every day they are here) in record time - even keeping up the tradition of saving a little of their blend for Donald to sample.

And congratulations to Ken - who was named Scholar of the Week.

Thank you for joining us for the week, boys - you are welcome back any time!