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Visit Scotland - The Land of Whisky


Visit Scotland - The Land of Whisky

A visitor guide to Scotland's 5 whisky regions.


Campbeltown has been included in Visit Scotland's new feature - The Land of Whisky.

If you want an introduction to Springbank Distillery, Kilkerran Single Malt and Campbeltown's history as a whisky producing region - click here



Taken from the Campbeltown section of The Land of Whisky - 

"With just three working distilleries, Campbeltown is Scotland's smallest whisky-producing region. While some argue this doesn't warrant it being designated a whisky region, its single malts boast unique characteristics that have a devoted following.

In its heyday, this small Kintyre harbour town was a prolific producer with more than 30 legal distilleries, earning it the moniker of 'whisky capital of the world' - later conferred on Dufftown in Speyside.

With ample pasture, peat bogs and coal mines, and many farms growing barley, Campbeltown distillers had all the resources they needed. It became a whisky boomtown in the 1800s, thanks largely to its bustling port."