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New Releases from Springbank and Kilkerran

New Releases (30/10/20)


We hope you have all been enjoying our virtual tastings this week on our social media. If you missed any you can always catch up on our YouTube channel 


As mentioned during these tastings, we have some exciting new releases this month; a couple of old classics and a brand new whisky product for us. 


From Friday 20th October, the following whiskies will be for sale in the UK and some of Europe. Please be aware that a UK delivery issue means that some retailers wont have their stock until next week.  Furthermore, due to shipment times, releases throughout the rest of the world will be at different dates. 


Springbank 12Y/O CASK STRENGTH (56.1%) 

The Campbeltown Cadenhead shop will be selling this for £52.00


Adding to our Springbank 12Y/O Cask Strength range this year we have the latest addition to engulf the senses. This batch strays away from the regular Sherry, Bourbon mix with a couple of surprises; 45% Sherry, 25% Bourbon, 25% Burgundy, 5% Port.


Nose: This whisky packs a lot of signature Springbank characteristics. The peat smoke is immediately present and very welcome with a lovely ashiness. Aromas of bruised apples, mahogany and tobacco leaves. There is a candied sweetness with notes of glazed red cherries, and sugar coated cola cubes. 


Palate: It is rich and sweet to taste with ripe and juicy red fruit flavours. Strawberries and raspberries give way to orange flavoured chocolate and gooey toasted marshmallows and bubbling caramelised sugar. 


Finish: In the finish the earthy, dusty notes remain as well as the mouth drying tannins from the burgundy casks. The whisky is deliciously sweet and smoky with the familiar Springbank characteristics prevailing.


Hazelburn Sherrywood 13Y/O (50.3%)  

The Campbeltown Cadenhead shop will be selling this for £55.00


This is our 4th annual release of the Hazelburn Sherrywood and, as normal, it is 100% oloroso sherry cask matured. If you are looking for a nice whisky to enjoy over the winter holidays then this is it.


Nose: Juicy red grapes, raspberries and redcurrants followed by stewed strawberries and mint humbugs.


Palate: Initially a rich sweetness of marzipan, prunes and raisins, developing into orange rind, dark chocolate and vanilla cheesecake.


Finish: Red apple, digestive biscuits, wholemeal toast, black cherries and almonds.


Kilkerran 16Y/O (46%)

The Campbeltown Cadenhead shop will be selling this for £56.00


As many of you will know, in March we marked Glengyle Distillery’s 16th Anniversary. Excitingly, we are now launching our first ever Kilkerran 16 year old and it is a beauty. Our Kilkerran 16Y/O is predominantly matured in bourbon casks and continues to develop all the classic Kilkerran characteristics we know and love.             


Nose: Initially delicate with herbal and citrus characteristics before opening up to reveal brighter and zestier notes with orange peel and tart lemon meringue pie. There is also a creamy, nutty aroma which develops over time and a hint of tropical pineapple. A fleeting briny component reminds you that this is definitely a Campbeltown Single Malt.                    

Palate: The palate reveals layers of complex flavours. Cereal and malt notes are present alongside soft dry peat smoke, herbs, black pepper and tones of sandalwood and beeswax. The bourbon maturation allows a fragrant aniseed note to carry through from the spirit, which also lends a waxy texture to the dram.                

Finish: The dry and ashy peat smoke influence continues as does the deep-rooted coastal brine. Overall this is a bright and complex whisky that is not overly sweetened from the bourbon maturation. It is fragrant, grassy and gently peated. 



In addition to these exciting releases, Friday also features the final online tasting of the “Virtual” Campbeltown Malts Festival which you can watch on Facebook and Youtube.





The Springbank Team