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Local Barley 10yo


Today we are pleased to announce that the next edition of Local Barley is launching. A limited number of bottles will be available in Germany today. Very soon it will be in other European markets and the rest of the world will follow in due course. Please contact your local retailer to see if you can secure a bottle. 


The Local Barley Series is one of our most highly anticipated and this year's edition is no exception. Initially planned to be a series of just five bottles, due to its popularity we plan to keep this as part of the Springbank range as an annual limited release. 

Each year, we use different barley varieties, grown by different local farmers and up until now either matured fully in bourbon or mainly bourbon with some sherry influence. 

This year we are bucking that trend and have chosen to bottle a 100% Sherry Matured edition. Bottled at 10 Years Old, made from Belgravia Barley grown at Glencraigs Farm, located just 2.5 miles from the distillery on the A83.

No. of Bottles (Worldwide): 8,500 

Strength: 55.6% ABV


Nose: Rich, fruity and nutty with notes of raisins and prunes, a hint of bitter dark chocolate, espresso coffee beans and walnuts.

Palate: Elegantly rich and creamy. Sweet creme brulee and a touch of zesty orange peel. Sweet and spicy with a hint of nutmeg. 

Finish: The finish opens to give flavours of juicy soaked maraschino cherries, delicious caramel shortcake with a coastal briny influence towards the end.

Here's a reminder of the previous releases so far: 

2016 | 54.3% | 16 YO | 80% Bourbon/20% Sherry | Prisma Barley | Machrimore Farm.

2017 | 53.1% | 11 YO | 100% Bourbon | Bere Barley | Aros Farm

2017 | 57.3% | 10 YO | 70% Bourbon/30% Sherry | Belgravia Barley | West Backs Farm

2018 | 57.7% | 9 YO | 80% Bourbon/20% Sherry | Optic Barley | High Cattadale Farm

2019 | 56.2% | 10 YO | 77% Bourbon/20% sherry/3% Port | Optic Barley | High Cattadale Farm